The Art of Articulation

I love the articulating LCD screen on my Sony a6300. Frequently, I like to shoot high or low rather than eye-level in order to get a different perspective on a scene. Sometimes tilting the screen so the top is extended and raising the camera over my head allows me to avoid foreground objects - as when I'm trying to get a shot of a performance  and there are heads of audience members directly in front of me, like this:

Shot composed using LCD Screen held overhead

Other times, I want to get the camera angle low to see the world from the perspective of my subject - a child, a pet or a flower for example. So I extend the bottom of the LCD screen and move the camera to waist level or even ankle level to compose and shoot, like this:

Shot composed using LCD Screen at ankle level

All of these shooting angles are possible because of that great Sony articulating LCD screen. When I want to use this feature, I need to be able to quickly extend the screen from the stowed position - and that means getting a fingertip under it. That's not very easy - since the screen is thin and engineered to fit snugly against the back of the camera. I often find myself fumbling to accomplish this simple task - and that's why I started thinking of ways to make this faster and easier.

After several months of brainstorming ideas, I came up with a simple solution - the DisplayLifter!

DisplayLifter Tab


The DisplayLifter is a clear plastic tab that is attached to the back of the LCD screen with adhesive. It extends about 3/4 inch below the bottom of the LCD frame - just enough to grasp with your thumb and index finger so you can pull it out. Then you can easily get your finger under it to adjust the angle.


DisplayLifter Installed on a6300


I have the Really Right Stuff L-Plate bracket on my a6300 - providing a convenient Arca-Swiss compatible mount that mates with my tripod. This extra hardware interferes with my ability to quickly extend the LCD screen using my finger. With the DisplayLifter installed, it's a snap to grab the tab and extend the screen. The tab is always readily available.


DisplayLifter installed on an a6300, tripod-mounted with Arca-Swiss Bracket

In our ShutterBands kit, the DisplayLifter comes temporarily mounted to a template to assist you in positioning and fastening the tab to the back of your LCD display. Watch our installation video to see how this works - it's easy to install with the template.

DisplayLifter on template supplied in the ShutterBands Kit

A simple idea that works - once you've installed the DisplayLifter, you'll find yourself using it frequently.

Thanks for reading!

Del Simcox

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