Pushing your Buttons

I own the Sony Alpha a6300 - and love the 2.4-million dot XGA OLED "Tru-Finder". I almost always use this viewfinder instead of the LCD screen when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight, since the view of my subject is much sharper and not washed-out. While using the viewfinder I can see all of the information that's usually presented on the LCD screen about my settings - like ISO, aperture and shutter speed - and change them if I want. 

Settings - looking through the viewfinder

And if I need to change any other settings, I can tap the Fn button and view my choices through the view finder - seeing everything clearly.

Problem is - the buttons on the Sony a6300 are small and flush with the camera body - making it almost impossible to locate them accurately without looking first. I really don't want to take my eye away from the viewfinder while I'm composing a shot - but if I want to make an adjustment to my exposure settings - I have to do just that!

It was precisely this problem that motivated me to search for a solution, and that's how ButtonBumps were born.

With ButtonBumps installed, I no longer have to take my eye away from the viewfinder to find the Fn or Custom buttons. I can easily navigate the "button landscape" on my camera by touch. How liberating! I typically use my thumb for this - since my fingers are wrapped around the side and top of the camera.

On my a6300, I've installed ButtonBumps on the function button (Fn), the custom buttons (C1 on top by the shutter release and C2 on the back lower right-hand corner), and the Play button near the LCD screen.


ButtomBumps installed on the back of the Sony a6300


ButtonBump installed on Custom Button C1 on top of the Sony a6300

ButtonBumps make a BIG difference in the usability of my a6300 when I'm composing through the viewfinder. But even when I use the LCD screen to compose a shot, I appreciate the positive tactile feedback I get with ButtonBumps when I want to access one of my favorite buttons. I don't have to look to find them anymore, or wonder if I'm touching the right button. ButtonBumps speeds up the process of making a settings adjustment - and that makes me a more responsive shooter.

You'll also appreciate ButtonBumps when you shoot at night. The reassurance of a bump on the button you're trying to find is comforting in the dark!

I think you'll be surprised what a difference this little enhancement will make for your everyday shooting. ButtonBumps are surprisingly easy to install. Our ShutterBands kit includes an alcohol wipe to clean the button faces to insure the adhesive sticks, and little tweezers to help you place the buttons accurately. You definitely should give it a try.

If you shoot other cameras, and the buttons are hard to locate ButtonBumps may help. You can fit our ButtonBumps to any camera provided the buttons are at least .25" in diameter and have a flat button face. ButtonBumps are available in a 6-pack separately - please see the Catalog on our website.

I stand behind the ShutterBands kit. If you're not delighted with the enhancements like ButtonBumps, you won't have to arm-wrestle me for a refund. All you'll need to do is ask!

If you should decide to remove the ButtonBumps from your camera, they can be picked off easily. Any adhesive residue can be removed with a little rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth.

Thanks for exploring ButtonBumps!

Del Simcox



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