Shutter What?

No, you won't find "shutterbands" in the dictionary. That name came to me while trying to think of a word that describes a camera accessory that looks like a rubber band and protects the shutter mechanism and sensor on a modern digital camera. 

I love taking photos and making movies with my a6300 - it seems to meet all my creative needs. Protecting my camera's sensor and shutter are high on my list of priorities - especially when I have my camera outdoors while camping or on a hike or at the beach. I considered putting a rubber band over the junction between the camera and the lens, but had difficulty finding one that was the right size and that was wide enough. Then there was the obstacle of the lens release button which interrupted the smooth flow of a rubber band around the lens barrel.

Over time, I envisioned a solution - and eventually found a supplier for a rubber band-like product that worked perfectly and the ShutterBand was born.

ShutterBands are not ordinary rubber bands. They are made of synthetic rubber so they won't deteriorate over time with UV exposure. They have a tab to assist in stretching and positioning the ShutterBand over the lens mounting ring when a lens is installed. The tab also facilitates moving the ShutterBand entirely on to the lens barrel when the lens is dismounted. The ShutterBand has the necessary cut-out to allow it to straddle the lens release button on the E-Mount system. By installing a ShutterBand on each of your E-Mount lenses, moving the ShutterBand on and off of the camera lens mounting ring is a snap!

The ShutterBand tab and the cutout for the lens release button are on opposite sides of the band. I like to position the tab over the white alignment dot on my lens, then mount the lens on my camera. Then I grab the tab and pull slightly to stretch the band, rotating the tab to about the 2 o'clock position so it's pointing toward the view finder corner of the camera.

The cutout will then be aligned with the lens release button, where it can be nudged into place. It just takes a few seconds to snug the ShutterBand up to the camera body, effectively sealing the lens mounting ring from dust and moisture.


Lens Release Button

ShutterBands work great on the Sony E-Mount cameras and lenses because the lens mounting ring is offset from the camera body - providing space for the ShutterBand to park over the joint between camera and lens.

I'd like to experiment with other cameras to see if the ShutterBand can be adapted to their design - but alas, I can't afford to buy a new Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Panasonic. If you own one of these cameras, and you're interested in trying out the ShutterBand, please get in touch! I'll send you a free ShutterBand to evaluate on your camera. Drop me a line at

Checkout the installation videos from the link at the top of this page and watch Kylie demonstrate installing a ShutterBand on my Sony a6300.

Thanks for reading!

Del Simcox

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