Caution!  ButtonBumps are addictive.

Once you've used ButtonBumps on your camera, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them. Introduced as part of the original ShutterBands Kit, they became the most popular enhancement. Based on feedback from customers - there was a demand for more.  That's why I introduced the ButtonBumps Pro Pack.

Here are some reasons photographers love ButtonBumps:

  • You can quickly locate a button without looking.
  • You can accurately navigate the button landscape on your camera while using the viewfinder.
  • Buttons become truly accessible in the dark - for you night photographers.
  • You can even find a button with gloves on when it's cold outside.

I invested considerable time and expense finding the best stick-on buttons for use on a camera. All stick-on buttons are not created equal. There are lots of cheap imports out there.  Almost all of the buttons I tried from on-line sources and big-box stores were losers. Either the so-called clear buttons were cloudy or the adhesive was poor quality. Finding a button that was the correct size, absolutely crystal clear and manufactured with a pure 'kiss-cut' became an obsession for me. I eventually found one, made by 3M right here in my own backyard in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Save yourself the hassle of finding suitable buttons on line. My ButtonBumps Pro Pack is ready to use and inexpensive. I buy the buttons in quantity to keep the cost down. For just $9 you get an assortment of 27 ButtonBumps - enough to outfit 2 or 3 cameras - shipped free to your mailbox! The package includes alcohol wipes and mini-tweezers to help with the installation.

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