Four simple enhancements.

A better working camera.

Photo of Sony a6300 - front
Photo of Sony a6300 - Back

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ShutterBands are like rubber bands, made of synthetic rubber and tailored to fit your E-Mount lens.

Stretch a ShutterBand over the seam between the camera body and the lens to seal out dust and moisture.

Essential protection for your sensor and shutter when using your camera outdoors.

Install a ShutterBand on each of your E-Mount lenses.

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Learn how ShutterBands protect your camera's sensor.



Do you fumble finding the Function and Custom buttons when using the viewfinder or while shooting at night?

Install ButtonBumps to take full control of your camera's buttons without looking to find them.

Dome-shape makes essential buttons instantly discoverable by touch - even in the dark.

Adhesive backed so they are easy to install.

Crystal clear so you can read the button labels.

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Getting a finger behind the LCD Display to extend it can be challenging.

DisplayLifter provides a clear, flexible tab that's always accessible below the camera's display screen.

Pull the tab to extend the display from its stowed position so it can be tilted for optimum viewing.

Especially helpful when using a tripod and Arca-Swiss adapter.

Read more about DisplayLifter.



Concerned about losing your hot shoe cover?

Install a CapTrap disk on your camera hot shoe cover and another on your camera body.

You'll always have a safe place to stow your hot shoe cover. Just snap it on.

A second set of CapTraps is provided for your external flash.

Read more about CapTraps.


Take a closer look . . .

 Watch the installation of ShutterBands enhancements on the Sony a6300.

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