ShutterBands Enhancement Kit for Fujifilm X-Series (SB-103)


ShutterBands Enhancement Kit for Fujifilm X-series is now available! Five exclusive enhancements to make your great camera even better.

1. ShutterBands - a soft, silicone ring that seals the lens mounting groove to protect your sensor and shutter from dust and moisture. 

Using your camera without protecting that groove invites dust and debris to collect in this “gutter”. Removing a lens dislodges that debris to potentially fall into your camera. ShutterBands significantly reduces that risk. Install a ShutterBand on each of your lenses so they are ready to use. 

2. ButtonBumps - custom-molded to fit Fujifilm camera buttons. Using ButtonBumps makes navigating the button landscape on your camera much easier. You can positively identify a button while looking through the viewfinder - or while using your camera in the dark.

The kit includes bumps for all of your camera's buttons, including the Shutter Release Button. 

3. CapTraps - made of low-profile hook and woven loop die-cut discs. They provide a totally secure attachment of the hot-shoe cover to the camera body when the hot-shoe is in use. 

4. DisplayLifter - an elegant strip of laser-cut ribbon makes adjusting the LCD display from its stowed position easy. It’s especially useful if you have an “L- Bracket” installed on your camera which makes extending the LCD display a challenge. 

5. CardTabs - made from a very thin laser-cut ribbon makes extracting memory cards easier.

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