Batteries + Cards Case for Nikon EN-EL15a batteries (BC-004)


Take control of your Nikon EN-EL15a camera batteries and memory cards with ShutterBands' new Batteries + Cards Case.

  • Rugged molded case with custom foam insert to organize 2 Nikon EN-EL15a batteries and multiple memory cards.
  • Identify charged and depleted batteries instantly by placing charged batteries with labels facing down and used batteries with labels facing up.
  • Zippered pocket holds several memory cards and Includes ID card so your valuables can be returned to you if lost.
  • Case slips into the exterior pocket of most camera backpacks for easy access while shooting.
  • Fits batteries for Nikon Z6, Z7, D850, D810, D800, D750, D7500, D7200, D7100, D7000, D610, D600, and D500 cameras
  • Available in two colors:  Grey or Blue

If you have to dig in the bottom of your backpack to find a spare battery, you need our case! Storing batteries in the die-cut foam insert has some big advantages.

  • You'll always know where your batteries can be found.
  • You're less likely to leave your batteries at home in the charger - peek in the case to check that you have them.
  • You'll always know which ones are charged and ready to use - store them label-side down.
  • The electrical contacts will be clean of lint and dust.
  • No chance the battery will be accidentally shorted out while in the case.
  • And our case will help you keep track of the last used battery - so you can rotate through your batteries to extend their life.

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