Moving ShutterBands on and off the "gutter"

The groove where the lens and camera body meet  is like a gutter.

This gutter collects lint, dust and debris from your camera bag, hands and the environment.

When you remove a lens, that junk is dislodged - at risk of falling into the camera body through the lens mount opening.

Your camera's shutter and sensor may be exposed to this falling debris.

ShutterBands provide an extra layer of defense by covering the gutter so that foreign materials cannot collect there. Help keep your sensor dust-free with ShutterBands.

Many lenses allow the ShutterBand to be stored on the lens barrel. We recommend installing a ShutterBand on each lens if possible, so it's ready to use.


Real-World ButtonBumps

ButtonBumps use an acrylic adhesive that bonds well to the plastic buttons on your camera. If the button faces are flat, and if the buttons are clean when the ButtonBumps are applied, Bumps will stay attached. 

Some cameras have buttons with slightly rounded button faces. Smaller Bumps are supplied for those buttons to enhance bonding. 

Here's why -

Figure A represents a flat button with a ButtonBump attached. Note that the adhesive on the botton of the Bump contacts 100% of the button face. This is the strongest bond - the Bumps adhere well with heavy use.

Figure B represents a button with a rounded face and a Bump the same diameter as the button. Note that the adhesive on the bottom of the Bump only contacts about 1/3 of the button face. This is the weakest bond and should be avoided. Don't use larger bumps on buttons with rounded faces because they are easily dislodged.

Figure C represents a button with a rounded face and a Bump that is smaller in diameter than the button. Note that the adhesive on the bottom of the Bump contacts about 2/3 of the button face. This is a compromise, and not as strong as figure A. These Bumps will work, but may be dislodged with heavy use. 

Small ButtonBump on rounded camera button

ButtonBumps are a great solution for many camera owners who are frustrated navigating the button landscape of their camera. Be aware that they work best for buttons with flat button faces.

Be sure to clean the camera buttons with the supplied alcohol wipe, and allow the alcohol to dry before installing ButtonBumps.

In our field testing, we have never had a Bump on a flat button move or become unattached. However, Bumps on rounded buttons may need to be replaced periodically, depending on how the camera is used. Extra small Bumps are provided in our kit.

Many users agree that having a Bump on an often-used rounded button is worth the occasional effort of having to reposition/replace it. 

If you lose Bumps, simply ask for free replacements by sending your request to