Protection for your lenses while NOT in use. 

  • Lens Jammies have generous openings - no struggling to get things in or out.

  • Easily accommodates lens hoods, tripod collar mounts, adapters and extension tubes.

  • Helps reduce the risk of dropping a lens while changing lenses. Bags and cords are easy to grip and handle.

Not just for lenses!

  • Use Lens Jammies to protect other accessories like flashes, wireless flash triggers, shutter remote controls, tripod heads and more.

  • Perfect lightweight cover for your camera too. Large Lens Jammies can accept a camera body without a lens. Xtra-Large Lens Jammies can handle a camera with a larger lens attached.

Conserve Backpack Space

  • Lens cases supplied by manufacturers are often too bulky to use in a camera backpack.

  • Lens Jammies conserve space so you can fit more in your backpack or camera bag.

  • Soft microfiber fabric makes inserting and removing bagged lenses and accessories into tight pockets easy.

  • Lenses wrapped in Lens Jammies are protected from dust and scratches while in your backpack.

Use during a photo shoot

  • Use Xtra-Large Lens Jammies to protect your tripod-mounted camera and lens between shots.

  • Easily slips on and off - and effortlessly stuffs into a pocket while you're using your camera.

  • Provides an extra layer of protection from dust and moisture when you're not using your camera.

Includes customizable ID Tags

  • ID tags are included for each Lens Jammie bag to make contents of bag easily recognizable.

  • Plastic tag attaches with nylon cord.

  • No metal parts to scratch equipment

Need more Lens Jammies in a particular size?

This "Variety Pack" is intended to just get you started. Find more Lens Jammies packs with just one size on our catalog page to fit all of your lenses and accessories. 

Free Lens Jammies ID Tag Labels with purchase of Lens Jammies

During checkout - on the Cart page you'll find an "Order Notes" area.

Provide the focal lengths for the lenses you want to use with the Lens Jammies.

We'll include pre-printed labels with your order!

Or send an email to with your lens details and your labels will be sent via USPS First Class Mail. A free service from ShutterBands!

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