ShutterBands ButtonBumps for Sony E-Mount (BB-101)


Make your camera's buttons easier to find with ButtonBumps. If you've been frustrated trying to find the Fn button while using the viewfinder, you'll love this remedy.

Most of the buttons on your Sony camera have flat button faces, so they are difficult to identify "by touch". ButtonBumps are made of soft polyurethane with reliable 3M adhesive to securely attach them to your camera's buttons. ButtonBumps make buttons easy to find without looking - or when shooting in the dark - or with gloves on.

ButtonBumps are not just any stick-on bumper. They are custom-molded to fit each button on your Sony camera. So they look great and work even better. Bumps are included for all of the buttons on your camera, including the shutter-release button and focus-hold buttons on some Sony lenses.

ButtonBumps are guaranteed to stick. If you lose a button, we'll replace it for free. And if you should decide to remove ButtonBumps, they are easy to pick off with your finger. 

This product is included in the ShutterBands Enhancement Kit for Sony E-Mount (SB-101).

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