ShutterBands Enhancement Kit for Sony Compact Cameras (SB-102)


Your elegant Sony compact camera has tiny buttons with flat faces, making them almost impossible to find without looking. Our crystal-clear ButtonBumps stick to those buttons to make them easy to find - by touch. So when you're using the viewfinder, you don't have to take your eye off the subject to find the Fn or Menu buttons to make adjustments. Also included is a perfectly-sized copper colored Bump for the shutter-release button - making it even easier to find.

The articulating display is a great asset to getting low or high shots and selfies, but it can sometimes be frustrating to extend. DisplayLifter, an elegant die-cut ribbon tab attached to the back of the display, gives you perfect control over the display when you want to move it from the stowed position.

Enhance your picture and movie-taking experience by adding the ShutterBands Enhancement Kit to your Sony compact camera. 

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