Batteries + Cards Case for Sony NP-FW50 (BC-001)

  • Tough molded case holds three Sony NP-FW50 batteries in foam cutouts. Perfect for a6xxx, a7xx, RX10 and NEX camera owners - enough battery power for a full day of shooting.
  • Instantly identify fully-charged batteries with their label-side down. Batteries that need charging are stored with their label-side up.
  • Zippered compartment securely holds extra memory cards. ID card included to help lost cases find their owner.
  • Available in two colors:  Gray or Blue

If you have to dig in the bottom of your backpack to find a spare battery, you need our case! Storing batteries in the die-cut foam insert has some big advantages.

  • You'll always know where your batteries can be found.
  • You're less likely to leave your batteries at home in the charger - peek in the case to check that you have them.
  • You'll always know which ones are charged and ready to use - store them label-side down.
  • The electrical contacts will be free of lint and dust.
  • No chance the battery will be accidentally shorted out while in the case.
  • And our case will help you keep track of the last used battery - so you can rotate through your batteries to extend their life.

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